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    We would love to make your special event even more special. Choose from our wide selection of cakes; individual desserts; luscious dessert bar featuring our great mousse cakes; tortes; petit fours; cup desserts; and more.

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    I love to bake. I always have.

    It brings me joy. I love the complexities of the process, and the pleasure involved.  And when I realized that my baking made others happy too, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. The result of this journey is my very own business, Ofira’s Pareve Patisserie Boutique.

    I studied baking and pastry at the Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts in Tel Aviv.  Following that, I worked in Patisserie in Rehovot. During that time, I also interned with the best pastry chefs in Israel and abroad.

    Over the years, I realized that people looking to buy pareve products for reasons of Kashrut or milk allergy are usually expected to compromise on taste and quality. I decided they shouldn’t settle for less, and developed a line of products that take pareve pastries and desserts to a whole new level. In addition, all my products are kosher, under the supervision of the Modi’in Rabbinate. And of course, suitable for people with milk allergies.

    A good cake begins with the best ingredients, and I do not compromise when it comes to quality. Ofira’s products contain no preservatives or artificial additives.

    With love and joy,

    Ofira Talmor